Living labs for demo og test

Living labs in Green Tech House, Green Tech Lab and Green Tech Park provides realistic demonstrations of renewable energy production, the saving and consumption of control systems that allow system tests and demonstrations.

Green Tech Center facilitates the best possible options for testing and demonstrating of new energy technology or -service and on the most realistic terms possible.

The concept of Green Tech Center is unique. It is unique that small and large businesses can not only test their products in isolation but in a broader context with other products - and test if it will work in real life.

The Living Labs allow you to test potential products in the following areas :

  • Technique and control room
  • Environmental Laboratory
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Learning Labs and classrooms
  • Prototype testing and demonstration
  • Exhibition and conference rooms

Workshop for adjustments

The center houses own workshop facilities for the production of prototypes but also to subsequent adjustments in order to make adjustments ​​immediately after the testing of the product. This saves both time and money.

Sparring and synergy

Often, coaching and networking are important parameters in the development of new products. Green Tech Center will give you access to knowledge and experience through example:

  • Energy Guild Vejle Nord, consisting of a number of large energy-consuming companies in Vejle Nord. In the companies we have set up a number of meters whose data accesses a control room in Green Tech Center, where they are processed.

  • Green Tech Park, which contains a number of platforms for the assembly and testing of various systems. There are platforms for wind power, solar energy, geothermal energy , smart EV and a hydrogen platform.