Green Tech House

Green Tech House is a 4,000 m2 3-level house with a central and visible location next to the E45 motorway.

The house has innovative solutions outside and inside and room for both larger companies, project offices, small offices and desks for start ups.

Green Tech House is supplied with an open platform BMS/CTS system which via a number of dataloggers all over the house collects energy and climate data from the entire house in a smart grid control room.

Green Tech House is Smart Grid-ready within:

  • Energy production
  • Energy saving/storage
  • Energy management of office buildings

The house has room for approx. 200 employees and offers office rental for both the small and large business (8-50 employees)


  • Meeting and demonstration rooms of various sizes - Can be organized by purpose: brainstorming, innovation, 3D functionality, etc.
  • Leases from 25 to 1,000 m2 - individual and discrete areas of work for the development of confidential projects - with its own service facilities such as toilets and kitchenette
  • Entrepreneurial zone for small businesses - it's possible to share common facilities
  • Study areas - reserved for students in the theme weeks, projects, Ph. D. studies
  • Living Labs - for test and measurement of newly developed products for the purpose of identifying impacts and performance


Open Source infrastructure and systems

Green Tech House also provides open source infrastructure and systems in a number of vital areas:

  • An open source Building Management System ensures availability of test / demo of new products in the field of intelligent control, etc. of the office building.
  • Data loggers for energy down to individual workplaces that demonstrate the energy and environmental impacts / results.
  • An open plant room which can be used for testing / demonstration to the interested parties by operation of intelligent office buildings.
  • Information to conduct tests / demonstrations in relation to employees in the house under the theme "Green Technology meets people."
  • Control and connection options for electricity, heat and cold storage in and outside the office building and the electric car stands.
  • Top floor is prepared for installation of various energy and environmental solutions for test and demonstration and can be accessed by elevator and stairs (5th house facade).

The house is integrated into the surrounding facilities from Green Tech Park, so tests and demonstrations can be combined criss-cross in the center.