Advisory Board

INSERO HorsensLysholt Erhverv and CASA and private interests involved in setting up Green Tech House, Green Tech Park, and the framework for the Living Labs area. In addition, the building is managed and a large number of projects and customer/investor matching activities are coordinated.

Vejle Municipality is an official partner, contributing knowledge, networks and entrepreneurship, and is part of a number of joint projects on the operation and development of Green Tech House related to climate and business development.

The University of Southern Denmark is involved in research and development projects around Smart Grid system management, both nationally and internationally.

Via University College is involved in development projects, particularly concerning geophysical solutions, etc.

SDE College runs their competence centre for energy and environment courses and projects within the electrical and plumbing industry from Green Tech Center.

Danish Technological Institute cooperates with Green Tech Center, as one of several GTS institutions, to provide Danish and foreign companies with special tests and certifications, as well as participating in joint projects.

Lean Energy Cluster is Region Syddanmark’s cluster within streamlining of energy consumption and intelligent energy systems.