Vision & Mission


Green Tech Center wants to further innovation, demonstration and commercialisation of sustainable energy solutions within energy production, consumption and storage as well as energy control of electricity, heating, cooling, data and brint.

Further, we want to support Danish green companies, especially entrepreneurs and SMEs in their growth, job creation and exports.



Green Tech Center is a triple helix innovation playground where dedicated green companies, authorities, research and educational institutions are networking, innovating and cooperating on development and marketing of new products and concepts.

We have a strong network and environment which makes it easy for our tenants and partners to meet and match with partners, customers, universities, authorities, investors and other stakeholders.

We have a number of demonstration facilities, live labs, workshop and services to further the development and growth of green companies.

We organise triple helix innovation projects to support our partners in their development and to contribute with new knowledge and knowhow within the green transition.

To meet Denmark's - and the global - 2035-goal of an increasing share of renewable energy there is a major need to develop, demonstrate and commercialise new technologies, system solutions and new business models - GreenTech Center plays an important role in this.